Sunday's Child Foundation Launches Fundraising Campaign to Empower At-risk Youth

Sunday’s Child Foundation has come up with a creative business model to break free from the common fundraising and financial support structure, common to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit model, legislated and put into practice over 120 years ago. Executive director and founder, Lauren Rainier, has come up with a product to be sold by the nonprofit, and the profits from the sales would return to support their programs. Rainier feels that by creating a perpetual revenue stream, it can empower and provide a better system by which, the nonprofit can generate financial support. Between 2009 until now, thousands of nonprofit organizations have vanished, due to the downturn in America’s economic climate. According to nonprofit management consultant, Ron Mattocks, 500,000 nonprofits operate in the zone of insolvency and 1 out of 15 nonprofits may be totally insolvent.

“Our model for financial independence relies on a cyclical balance of funding,” says Rainier. “And it also gives a better message to the children we serve. By empowering them to learn business skills, they will be better equipped to move into the workforce when they are ready. When I brought Sunday’s’ Child Foundation to Hawai’i, I knew the problems kids faced and I wanted to help them by providing them the proper tools to circumvent life’s tumultuous and unpredictable landscape, explains Rainier. “I also saw how their perception of life’s opportunities appeared limited. We will now be able to teach the kids the business structure, from basic administration and accounting, to branding and licensing, to sales and marketing.

So, what is this unique brand that Sunday’s Child Foundation has created? The product line is called, Life Source Hawai’i. Life Source Hawai’i is a bottled water line providing high-quality spring water sourced from a natural spring in a high-elevation rainforest on Hawai’i Island. Hawai’i is known for having some of the world’s most pristine water. Rainier feels that they have a truly unique advantage over the competition. She says that their water has a secret ingredient that no other bottled water on the market has. To find out what that ingredient is, you will have to watch the promotional video. Presently, Sunday’s Child Foundation is seeking funding to launch their product into the marketplace. According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) bottled water is expected to be the number one packaged drink by 2016.

According to Mike King, a contributor with the Bottled Water Global Industry Guide, bottled water sales generate over $60 billion annually worldwide.) In the future, Sunday’s Child Foundation would like to see corporations sponsor the distribution of their water to countries that are in desperate need of clean water.

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