Some of Our Children’s Stories


Many of the children we have encountered through our programs have been abused by immediate family members, entered prostitution, expressed violent behaviors, such as: armed robbery, rape, were found wanting for basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, love and companionship. Often times, children have come to our attention following catastrophic illness and/or injuries resulting from lack of care, nutrition, and basic medical supervision. For example:


We have changed their names to protect minor children.


Case #1: Kyle, age 15 While walking the streets of Kona, was engaged in male prostitution and was arrested and eventually placed in a boys facility in what can be construed as deplorable conditions. ie.: everything from meager sustenance to rats.



Case #2: Jenny, age 14 Her mother is in jail for narcotic charges, was raped by a foster parent, then placed into several foster families until she was came to our attention during our Christmas event in 2011.  
Case #3: Helen, age 3 Now within our program, was beaten by her former foster family with not only a hose, but also by a pillowcase containing bricks.
Case #4: Paul, age 14 was molested by his family members so badly that he never takes off a down jacket, even if the temperature is 100 degrees outside. 

Case #5: Justin, age 9 was beaten so badly by his stepfather that he ran into the jungle, where we found him and took him in.  






These are just a few examples of the types of abuse

that we encounter on a daily basis.

I hope that you will help support our cause.



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