The Hale Kamali'i Project

        Ho'omalu i na kamali'i a ke akua

      "Protecting God's children"


Our mission  has always been to care
for the na'au (Hawaiian: inner heart and soul) of each child.

We are committed to empowering Hawaii’s young men
and women to inspire and educate future generations
to make the right choices for success.


In Development:   Hale Kamali’i  (Residential Care Facility for Boys and Girls)

Hale Kamali’i is a proposed permanent youth facility designed to deal with the growing number of challenged at-risk children in Hawai’i.  The facility will house 30-40 children and young adults, providing them with schooling, vocational training, and constructive recreation, in a family-oriented caring atmosphere, that will give these children the skills they need to become successful thriving young men and women.

This is a collaborative community initiative, which seeks to empower the youth of the Hawaiian Islands through experience-based education, cultural studies, employment, and mentorship. Our aim is to awaken youth to their creativity and the world surrounding them, while helping them discover their passions and recognize their responsibility towards themselves, the land, and their community. As they progress, they will begin to assemble a set of core values and develop a sense of accomplishment that will help guide them in the future. As youth graduate and return as staff, they will help to shape the program and continue the collaborative process. Our goal is to place 3 centers island-wide by 2018. Fundraising efforts have been a great success, yet we are also in need of ongoing scholarships/sponsorships donations for our children's enrollment. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Our Programs

                          Life Plan©                                    Animal-assisted psychotherapy

                 Music & artistic therapy          Oceanography & sailing  

    Farming & gardening               Nature studies

      Self-empowerment                 Communication

          Hawaiian cultural studies          Self-sustainability 

Summer Splash 2013

Our outings are geared for boys and girls age 6 to 17.

Each child's guardian is required to sign a waiver prior to joining our adventures.

Mahalo and we look forward to seeing you!

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